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My Masters Degree is in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology.  The heart of my approach is humanistic, meaning that I view my clients as equals, rather than “patients”. 

    In my work doing couple’s and family therapy, I place a strong emphasis on accountability as essential to improvement in relationships. I often will work on an individual basis with both members of a couple, as well as seeing them together. This allows me a comprehensive understanding of all contributing factors in a couple’s problems.

     I have the ability not to “take sides” in couple or family problems.
The result has been a high success rate in my family and marital therapy. 
In my work with children, I always evaluate a child’s problem in the context of the family system. Parents need to be willing to be involved in the treatment. Sometimes I will meet only with the parents, with excellent results.

    I feel a profound commitment to my clients, as is evidenced in my ongoing professional training, rapid evaluation and accessibility to clients. I pride myself on returning phone calls in short order.

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Meadow, my 8 year old in-office
certified therapy dog


As a psychotherapist with over 40 years experience, I received my Masters degree in 1979 and have had ongoing training in EMDR, Trauma and Brain Function, Family Systems Therapy, and Body/Mind Psychotherapy.  I am licensed as an LMSW and have been a therapist in Royal Oak for over 20 years.

    In 2010, I authored a book on parenting, “Have the Guts to Do it Right: Raising Grateful and Responsible Children in an Age of Indulgence”, in response to  frequent problems I was seeing in my private practice.  As a result, I have become a lecturer on radio, television, and to schools and parenting groups.

    If you would care to listen to any of my radio interviews, click on the link below for the book’s website, and click “Media” on the navigation menu. Requests for speaking engagements can be emailed to me at